Code: AA0493

X-Rap Countdown 05


The X-Rap® CountDown fishes with extreme attitude consistently at any depth. Based on the CountDown method introduced by Rapala in the 1960s, the X-Rap CountDown brings modern X-Style finishes and details to the bankside. It swims with a strong trolling action and gently flutters deeper on the pause. The X-Rap CountDown sinks 30%faster than the classic CD model and due to its weight and body design, the X-Rap CountDown is also very long-casting and accurate. It’s an extremely useful lure for searching all depths of water, especially when you are tackling deep lakes, rivers and reservoirs.

Target species for the X-Rap CountDown lure:

Pike, Perch, Zander, chub, Salmon and Sea Trout

Ideal techniques:

Sink and draw, and steady retrieve

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