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Tsunami Weedless Lazer Shad

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Tsunami Weedless Lazer Shad

The Tsunami Lazer Shad has many advantages over other soft plastic lures, the hook can be hidden inside the bait to allow the lure to be fished correctly even in heavy structure such as kelp and seaweed. The hook when rigged 'weedless style' sits just under the skin of the body and will penetrate as soon as a fish bites the bait, this allows the lure to be cast where most just can't go.

The lure is made up three individual components and uses a quick clip system to detachand reattach new hooks and bodies with ease during the fishing day.

The package includes a free spare 'change bait' body of a totally contrasting colour to try when fishing slows or when the light levels fade or increase to tempt shy fish to bite.

There are also two spare hooks with each pack to ensure you are fishing with a sharp hook all day when fishing around structure for big fish.

Length: 120mm

Weight: 25g

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