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Shakespeare Agility HRF

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Shakespeare Agility HRF Spin

Agility HRF 20-40g

A new concept rod designed to work small lures and jig heads up to 40gms from boats targeting smaller ground dwelling species such as wrasse, small pollack, cod, coalfish, gurnards, bream, plaice, haddock and whiting. Also used off the shore for wrasse, small bass and pollack.

Agility HRF 10-20g

Rated 10-20gm, this fast action blank with a supple tip for bit detection is ideal for working lighter jig heads with small lures over inshore and offshore reefs in light tide conditions, also mixed rough ground for smaller fish including bream, pollack, wrasse, gurnards, pout, codling and plaice.

Technique Heavy Rock Fishing

Rod Length 8'6"

Rod Action Medium

Rod Handle Type Split

Rod Blank Material Carbon Fiber

Rod Handle Material EVA

Lure Rating 20-40g

Guide Type LS

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