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Seaspin Mommotti 115 SS: GST

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SeaSpin Mommotti 115 SS

Type: silent slow-sinking jerking minnow, long casting

Length: 4.5 “

Width: 13 mm

Height: 15 mm

Weight: ½ oz

Hooks: n° 1 Gàmu # 1, n° 1 Gàmu 1/0

Depth range: 1.2-3 ft.

Concept and Design

Mommotti_115_SS-CWith SS 115 model, Mommotti family reduces the size and enters in a more specific field.

115 mm long and 13gr heavy, this tapered slow sinking differs from other Mommotti for the lip shape who is visibly longer and rounded.

Thanks to studies carried out on this form of lip this lure not only manages to keep current and works properly until the last stage of recovery, but gets a very fast wobbling with clear vibrations. At the same time it responds well to customizations and jerks like the older brothers. In practice, we have the perfect middle way between the classical minnow and the long jerk one , all in a format that makes it perfect for light spinning and light trolling, dedicated especially to the seabass, but also to sea breams and, broadly speaking , to all small and medium-sized marine predators .

The Mommotti 115 SS also features a choice of hooks (1 Gàmu in the belly and Gàmu 1/0 in the tail) which are the best response to the stranding and power of unexpected predators.

Also good throwing distances, considering its 13gr.


Slow retrive: rolling

Regular retrive: wobbling & rolling

Fast retrive: wide wobbling

Jerking: beginning and ending each jerk with a slack period after single to multiple jerks. Increase frequency between jerks and pauses as fish activity level increases.

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