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Savage Gear Finezze Braid HD4 - 300m - GREY

RRP: £29.99 Our Price: £24.99

HD4 Finesse braid is Woven from the highest quality PE (Polyethylene) fibres, with an especially

designed Tight Pitch, that ensures a round lasting profile with a ridged surface and minimal torque. We

have spent hours and hours, testing and finding the optimal digital controlled pitch formula, to ensure

the longest possible casts and durability. The result is incredible - the best braided line for lure fishing

imaginable! Perfect for spinning reels, to avoid wind knots and line twist.

Tight Pitch, Round woven, Long cast formula

Low torque, less wind knots

Zero Stretch

High Abrasion resistance

Incredible strength

Enhanced knot strength

UV Protected

Silicone Nano enhanced

0.06mm 7 lbs

0.08mm 10 lbs

0.10mm 13 lbs

0.13mm 17 lbs

0.16mm 22 lbs

0.19mm 28 lbs

0.22mm 33 lbs

0.26mm 37.5 lbs

0.33mm 50 lbs

0.35mm 60 lbs

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