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Nomura Isei Pro

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Nomura Isei Pro

Super top level two-piece rods engineered by Nomura staff for competition. 3 different sizes, 2 different casting weights can cover every need of the European angler.

The design of Nomura Isei required a long time because it was our intention, and we believe to have succeeded, to build a series of rods that could be used for fishing both from the shore and from the boat. The engineers set out to create a design which would allow the use of both lightweight lures or weighty lures without any precision lost to casting and sensibility.

Nomura Isei is a limited edition made for those anglers who refuse to compromise. These rods are unique in their design and construction. They are made of the best carbon fibre available on the market, the best resins, and FUJI SIC Series components. The material and the techniques which form this rod benefit from the use of 30 TON carbon and spigot joint in order to reach high rigidity, sensitivity and lightness

The Nomura team has tested these rods to the limit with fantastic results!

To enable accurate underarms jerk fishing, the first segment below the reel seat has no EVA fitted.

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