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Illex Nitro Sprat Shad 120 Combo - 21g

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Illex Nitro Sprat Shad 120 Combo - 21g

The Nitro Sprat Shad is a shad type softbait developed for sea bass fishing.

The lure is soft and looks very realistic with a natural swimming action that emits plenty of strong and distinctive vibrations.

The bait is impregnated right through with shellfish Nitro Booster.

The push 2 lock system with an articulated Texan hook can be attached across the side of the lure to let you explore dense weedbeds or fish through snaggy branches.

The Nitro Sprat Head is a loaded head in resin with an internal lead mass that gives you greater casting distance and allows ultra-slow retrieves through likely fish holding spots.

The Nitro Sprat Shad is equally as good fished in a straight linear style for zander or perch!

Don't hesitate to add some cream Nitro Booster cream whilst fishing to make your lures even more attractive!

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