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Daiwa Twin Beam: Dark Green Tea

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Daiwa Twin Beam

Daiwa's Twin Beams are very soft yet tear resistant, 2 inch soft baits that suggest the shape of shrimp or little squid, absolutely deadly for anything you target when Light Rock Fishing.

The unique body shape and twin tails of the Twin Beam are extremely reactive to rod and water current actions, and can be used in a variety of methods from Carolina rigs to jig heads, and are especially effective in conjunction with Daiwa's Tsukino Kabura jig heads.

These lures are impregnated with amino acids to add to their effectiveness and attraction, and the GLOW colours are luminous, ideal for use in darker water and low light. No plasticizer suspected of environmental endocrine disruption is used in their construction, so Twin Beams are also Earth friendly. Twin beams are available in a choice of colours, and come 10 per pack.

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