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Leeda Icon URFE Rig Leeda Icon URFE Rig
2 in stock
Leeda Icon URFE Rig 19kg / 42lb 2pk
Maver Match This Barrel Swivels Maver Match This Barrel Swivels
8 in stock
Maver Match This Barrel Swivels Well made barrel swivels from the house of Maver!
Okuma Rolling Swivels Okuma Rolling Swivels
£1.49 - £1.99
68 in stock
Okuma Rolling Swivels The Okuma Accessories programme gives you a secure connection to success. Made with the highest quality brass and stainless steel available. Featuring unsurpassed strength and durability. Tested to the limit making these products market leaders. High speed rolling swivel
Shakespeare Beaded Rig Swivel Size 10 Shakespeare Beaded Rig Swivel Size 10
11 in stock
Shakespeare Beaded Rig Swivel Size 10 Ideal beaded swivel for rig making and many other applications
Tronix Crimp Swivel Sz12 Tronix Crimp Swivel Sz12
3 in stock
Tronix Crimp Swivel Size 12 Simply crimp in place on your rig body to make rigs up in a hurry.
TronixPro 3 Way Swivel TronixPro 3 Way Swivel
4 in stock
TronixPro 3 Way Swivel Based around the barrel swivel, the three-way swivel features a third central eye that comes out of the main body. The three-way swivel is useful for attaching a hook length to the middle eye with the mainline and lead coming off the first and second eye, a great choice when live baiting. They are also useful when lure fishing, with the middle eye ideal for attaching a lead…
TronixPro Rolling Swivel TronixPro Rolling Swivel
3 in stock
TronixPro Rolling Swivel New rolling swivels, strong and reliable with breaking strain stated on the packet and more swivels per pack than before.
TronixPro Safety Snap Swivel TronixPro Safety Snap Swivel
2 in stock
TronixPro Safety Snap Swivel Often known as the American Snap, it has a multitude of uses in sea fishing. Perfect for attaching weights and rigs when boat fishing. Good for attaching hook lengths for easy replacement and for attaching lures quickly. Not recommended for power casting.
WSB Tackle Rolling Swivel WSB Tackle Rolling Swivel
In stock
WSB Tackle Rolling Swivel Plain rolling swivels, black finish


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