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Daiwa Hybridlastic Daiwa Hybridlastic new
17 in stock
Daiwa Hybridlastic High endurance solid elastic with extensive stretch factor Ideal for mixed fisheries & puller kits plus lower diameter top kits Colours and ratings match Hydrolastic 3m lengths 4 - 6
Daiwa Hydro Connector Daiwa Hydro Connector
67 in stock
Daiwa Hydro Connector Match your connector to your hydro, Comes supplied with the 2 connectors and 2 matching puller beads.
Daiwa Hydrolastic Daiwa Hydrolastic
27 in stock
Daiwa Hydrolastic Hydrolastic is the award winning revolutionary concept in pole elastic. It offers a multi phase performance delivering a wide scale of ratings within one set up which is perfect for mixed fisheries and high catch rate venues. Hook a big fish and Hydrolastic will increase to a higher rating as it is loaded with more 'give' than standard heavy elastics. Unlike other types Hydrolast…
Daiwa Lock n Load Daiwa Lock n Load
8 in stock
Daiwa Lock n Load Pole Bush During the strike the elastic will semi lock ensuring positive hooking. When the fish runs the elastic will exit the tip as normal. If it runs at right angles or back against the tip increased resistance will be experienced. To slow down the exiting elastic, create an angle between the tip and elastic, towards 90 degrees. By doing this the rotating ball will turn toward…
Leeda 7.5m Concept GT Slim Margin Leeda 7.5m Concept GT Slim Margin
2 in stock
Leeda 7.5m Concept GT Slim Margin Super strong construction Elastic rating 20 2 pre-elasticated top kits included 1 x 14 and 1 x 20 solid elastic Supplied in a protective pole tube
MAP Medium Flexi Pole Pots MAP Medium Flexi Pole Pots
2 in stock
MAP Medium Flexi Pole Pots These ultra-durable soft rubber pots are possibly the lightest pole pots on the market. The central design allows balanced weight distribution, so no more bait ‘bouncing out‘ when shipping out. Each pot is supplied with two lids which are also interchangeable (open lid and sprinkle lid) so no matter what bait your fishing with, you have a lid to suit your needs. As they…
MAP Puller Bung and Beads MAP Puller Bung and Beads
15 in stock
MAP Puller Bung and Beads This high quality puller bung will fit ANY TKS top kit without the need of cutting back. It features a super wide bore that will accommodate big diameter hollow elastics, and a pure PTFE bush to protect the elastic when pulling. It's also supplied with two sizes of rubber stopper beads to retain your elastic. Fits all TKS top kits without cutting back Will also fit most c…
MAP Small Standard Pole Bung (2pk) MAP Small Standard Pole Bung (2pk)
9 in stock
MAP Small Standard Pole Bung The standard Pole Bung is available in three different sizes to suit Match Kits through to large diameter Power Kits. Each bung is pre-scored for easy cutting and designed to be used with the MAP extractor rod
Maver Coloured Pure Latex 5m Maver Coloured Pure Latex 5m
54 in stock
Maver Coloured Pure Latex 5m The new range of colour coded silicone coated elastic has incredible stretch factor and visibility. Supplied in five metre lengths per winder.
Maver Definition XS 13M Maver Definition XS 13M
1 in stock
Maver Definition XS 13M New and improved, our best selling pole – just got even better! By tweaking the technology in the larger sections, we have now made the Definition even more responsive. Not just a cosmetic change, be sure to check it and tell us we’re wrong! European technology at it’s very best presenting a pole firmly aimed at the club & pleasure angler alike. Although budget price tagged…
Maver External Pole Bush Maver External Pole Bush
3 in stock
A range of top quality PTFE external bushes, to suit all popular elastic sizes. Available in seven sizes.
Maver Jumbo Hollow Connector Yellow Maver Jumbo Hollow Connector Yellow
17 in stock
Maver Jumbo Hollow Connector Yellow Extra large connectors ideal for use with very strong solid elastic and hollow elastic.
Maver Roller Slot Maver Roller Slot
9 in stock
Maver Roller Slot This Maver Roller Slot features an integrated PTFE roller for the smooth flow of elastic. The roller wheel is made from PTFE and is firmly held in place with a stainless steel pin.
Preston Innovations Pole Winder Anchors Preston Innovations Pole Winder Anchors
1 in stock
Preston Innovations Pole Winder Anchors are produced from high quality rubber that not only stretches well but also lasts a long time.
Preston Innovations Slip External Bush Preston Innovations Slip External Bush
10 in stock
Manufactured from pure PTFE, these external bushes are shaped to minimise the chance of line catching the back of the bush.
Preston Innovations Slip Internal Bush Preston Innovations Slip Internal Bush
28 in stock
Designed to fit inside the pole, the Slip Internal Bush is made from PTFE for friction-free performance. The small shoulder fits neatly to the end of the pole and the internal section is strong to make fitting easy.
Shakespeare Superteam Pole 11.5m Shakespeare Superteam Pole 11.5m
1 in stock
Shakespeare Superteam Pole 11.5m Commercial style poles designed for fishing for all species from silvers, F1's and larger carp up to 15lb. The subtle cosmetics and matt finish make this pole a great for fishing the margins and shallow in summer when fish spook easily off of overhead movement. The 100cm dolly butt is great to help you balance the pole when fishing at longer lengths and also that l…


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