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Maver Invincible CS21 Maver Invincible CS21
6 in stock
Maver Invincible Hook Series 2 (CS21) The ideal hook for pole fishing for carp with pellets, meat, worm and paste. Strong and powerful. Suitable for margin fishing for big fish. Sizes 12 to 18.
Maver Invincible CS24 Power Hook Maver Invincible CS24 Power Hook
18 in stock
Invincible Hook Series 5 (CS24) The large 30 degree angled eye, off-set ultra sharp point and extra strong swept shank greatly reduces fish loss and makes the CS24 the ideal hook for method feeder and straight lead using a hair rig and knotless knot. barbless eyed, black chrome finish.
Maver MV-R Carp Wide Gape Hook Maver MV-R Carp Wide Gape Hook
34 in stock
Maver MV-R Carp Wide Gape A classic wide gape, angled out-turned eye and powerful gauge makes it suitable for all methods & baits. Perfect for a hair rigged bait or banded pellets on the pole. Barbless eyed, black chrome finish.
Prologic XC7 Barbless Prologic XC7 Barbless
27 in stock
Prologic XC7 Barbless New introduction to our range, this very unique shape of hook came from the experience of our UK consultant Rik Johnson who have revised and improved his all-time favourite pattern the XC4 from our previous range. At first they look almost the same but the new XC7 features very small changes which makes a huge difference on the mechanics of the hook. The hook shank has been s…
Prologic XC8 Barbless Prologic XC8 Barbless
14 in stock
Prologic XC8 Barbless Another great new addition to our range, purely dedicated to using stiff hook link materials. A 20 degree out turned eye makes it a great choice for stiff rigs, chods and zig rigs. A wide grape means the ultra- Sharpe straight point will have no problem grabbing hold on the next bite. • CC83 High grade Japanese carbon-steel wire • Wide gape • Straight point • 20 degree out-tu…


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